Sunday 15 November 2015

CIA Covert Team

Sometimes you need to make a lot of noise and destruction. That's when we send in the marines. Sometimes you need something more covert. Field agents, on the ground, with an in-depth knowledge of the fluid situation are an invaluable asset in the war against the PRA. The CIA and MI6 have a number of agents in the field feeding back a constant flow of Intel on the constantly changing face of the war. This is very dangerous work, and relies on their skills at developing local assets to assist them. The threat of danger is ever present and these covert agents are always ready to protect themselves and their assets. 

These figures are from Spectre Miniatures. I painted them as I plan to use them when I try out Black Ops, a new small skirmish game from Osprey. 


  1. Nice update to your Zugando theatre operators. :)

    Very nice paintwork. :)

  2. Very nice mate! How did you find painting them? I've look at my handful that I have and they have some really fine detail.

    1. I speed painted these for something to do- I probably could have done them more justice if I had spent a bit more time on them, but I think they are nice to paint.

  3. They do paint up pretty well don't they?