Thursday 19 December 2013

Marine Recon Dawn Raid

Firstly, let me apologise for the odd lighting on these photos. Here in the UK the grey winter is well an truly upon us. I tried taking these outside, in the last bit of daylight I could find, but the sun was low in the sky and has washed out the colours, especially the flesh tones. At first I wasn't going to use these photos, but then I decided it looked quite atmospheric, like they have just emerged from the jungle at first light. If it helps, think of them as artfully lit diorama, and not just crappy photos!

Anyway- this is a USMC Recon patrol working in Zugando. These figures are from Eureka, and are just lovely. I got them to 'test paint' woodland pattern MARPAT, the camouflage pattern used by the USMC. I found it a lot easier to paint than MultiCam, which the Deltas use. This is a jolly good thing as I bought a platoon of USMC, including support weapons, from the Empress Miniatures Kick-start- hopefully I should be getting those soon.

The USMC represent the USA's main fighting force in Zugando. The US troop deployment was scaled back as the operation became a political hot potato in Washington, and most of the US peace keeping duties were handed over the the African Union troops, and the active combat duties were taken up by the British. The USMC remained in Zugando after the US withdrawal, but in much smaller numbers, to support US and UK Special Forces. They are based in Victoria Town, and also operate off the US navy carriers based off the coast of Zugando. USMC helicopters provide the Special Forces with air cover and resupply, and the specialist units, like these Recon support the SF in major engagements. 

USMC sniper team with .50cal Barrett Rifle

USMC Recon Fire Team on patrol

USMC Terminal Air Control Officer

Friday 29 November 2013

Some Scenery

I have continued to plod on with getting the half finished scenery projects completed- with the addition of theses resin pieces. The first is a wrecked car from Ainsty, It's a single piece resin casting- nice and crisp with no air bubbles or mould lines. It should be good for a number of different scenarios (like the contractor's care in 'Contracting Troubles' and as a general bit of scatter scenery in the slums of Zugando. (It will probably see some service in zombie games too).

The next one is a photo I have already posted on my other blog (Four Colour Super Minis) of some scenery I painted for my WW2 Burma Campaign, but I think it is worth including here as it will be just as useful for Zugando.
I hope you wont mind the repost, but I am not sure if you regularly read the other blog. I am also hoping you will overlook the WW2 figures in the photo- they are there just for scale really. 
I haven't a clue who made these pieces- or even if they were made by the same manufactures. I soaped them with someone of Lead adventure Forum. 

Thursday 21 November 2013

Mission School

I have added another building to my growing list of Zugandan real estate. This is the mission school, built by missionaries to provide an education to the poorer communities of Zugando. 

I built it using the same technique as the Zugandan shops- using the modular building from Warbases (the same one as I used for the bike shop). This one had a bit more work in it, as you can see. I took the MDF roof and used that as the base for the class room, then cut a new roof out of card and applied the corrugated card on top. The roof for the class room is fixed in place to make it stronger, but the main buildings roof can come off to put figures inside. The posters were just printed off the computer and stuck to the wall with prit-stick (I am not that good at painting!) 

Because there was a bit more work in this one it took a bit longer- but it was still finished beginning to and in a couple of hours- and cost less that £4!

Sunday 17 November 2013

More Buildings for Zugado

Firstly let me begin by apologising for the absence of any resent posts. Readers of my other blog (Four Colour Super Minis) will realise that I spent October furiously painting zombies and survivors for 'Zomtober'. Having painted, with my son, some 41 figures, I just wanted a change of pace. To that end I decided that I would dedicate November to getting some half finished terrain and building projects realised. I am a bit of a bugger for starting buildings and alike, but never getting round to finishing, and so my loft is usually crammed with half-completed projects that just need a bit of time and TLC. 
This is a strange thing, because when I get round to painting them, I am always surprised to find out how much I like painting scenery- What is all that about?

To that end, I have added some more shops to my Zugandan village, again using Warbases exceptionally inexpensive Modular Buildings. There were very quick and easy to do- the two story one cost £3.50 and the smaller one £2. I had them finished from beginning to end in an evening. 

You can see an article on how I made these by clicking on the new Work in Progress tab at the top of the page, or clicking HERE

Tuesday 24 September 2013

CIA Agent

 This is Megan, a CIA operative based in the Victoria Town office, in Zugando. She is the head of field operations for the CIA in the war-torn country. She is charged with finding, and apprehending the heads of the PRA, who are wanted from war crimes. She is a tough, no-nonsense character, who is fanatically patriotic an driven. She has already survived an attempt on her life by a gunman on a motorcycle, but nothing will dissuade her from tirelessly pursuing her mission. 

This figure is from Copplstone Castings. To be honest I had it hanging around and thought I would paint it, without much thought as to what I would use it for. I added a longer skirt with pro-create, as it was a bit too short. I based the red hair on Maya, from Zero Dark Thirty (well to be honest the whole charterer is based on her).

Friday 20 September 2013

Secret Service Agents

Four new figures for my Zugandan campaign- these are secret service agents guarding Senator Ohio, or perhaps they are Presidential bodyguards  They are dressed in light weight 'tropical' suits, and are lightly armed, as befitting a close personal protection team.
I plan to use these chaps in a scenario involving an attempt to kidnap Senator Ohio. They will be elite, with a Troop Class/Morale of D10/D10.

These Figures are from EM4. They are 'future skirmish' figures, but they look fine for ultra-modern. I am not really sure secret service agents use UZI SMG but then again I saw one using just that weapon in Olympus has Fallen, so may be they do?

Friday 30 August 2013

AAR: Contracting Troubles

My regular gaming buddy, Pulp Citizen,  and I thought we would get on and do some gaming in Zugando. We used the mission 'Contracting Troubles' straight out of the rule book, only we substituted Zugandan Militia for the 'insurgents' and Nigerian Army(NA) for the USMC. 
Because we are new to FoF my son Charlie offered to step in and play the NA while I refereed the game, which was a great help as it left me free to concentrate on remembering the rules. Even so, I still managed to miss out some crucial rules.

Mission Background

In our Zugandan inspired interpretation of this mission, the background is that Rex Saddler and Lance Waverly, two intrepid war correspondents,  have been trying to track down wanted war criminal Henry Gwapondi in order to get the scoop of the year. Unfortunately they upset some of the locals, who are actually supporters of Mr Gwapondi. They decided to beat a hasty retreat back to Victoria Town, but unfortunately their van broke down before they could reach safety.  The reporters managed to get off a satellite phone call to their office in Victoria Town, who alerted the UN.
Luckily for Rex and Lance the Nigerian Army had a patrol in the area. They tasked a section to bring back the reporters. The NA patrol had to abandon their truck because of a road block, and had to proceed several blocks on foot. 

The mission starts with Lance and Rex hunkered down behind their broken down van, while a hornets nest of local militiamen begins to gather around them. 

After Action Report

The first run through of this mission went very well for the NA, commanded by Charlie. Charlie got very lucky on the Fog Of War cards, while Pulp Citizen rolled badly for his reinforcements. Charlie moved Fire Team One into a commanding position for over-watch  and sent Fire Team Two towards Rex and Lance. Fire Team Two got shot up, and were forced to take cover in a shack. Fire Team One moved forwards to try to complete the mission.

Throughout the game Charlie was amazingly lucky with his first aid rolls, and his Fire Team was lucky to walk away from a hail of fire with just one lightly injured casualty. 

Charlies luck held, as the Nigerian platoon commander decided to send reinforcements in the form of an anti-tank team with an RPG7. Pulp Citizen's militia had no tanks, but the RPG's added plenty of firepower, forcing the militiamen to keep their heads down. 

Fire Team One managed to make it to Lance and Rex, thanks to another Fog Of War card that made them immune to the effects of moral. Then they hot-footed it at rapid move back across the street.  The militiamen attempts to stop them were hampered by confusion in their command and control (another Fog of War card), and the Nigerian Peace Keepers manged to extract themselves, and the two reporters,  out of the village and back to safety.  They only took two light casualties, and has killed six militiamen- A great success for the Nigerians!

It is worth noting that this was our first run through of this mission and we made a few mistakes that would have effected the outcome of the battle. Firstly, we allowed the Nigerians to rapid move off the board, but they shouldn't have done that with dependents (ie Lance and Rex). Also we added two defense dice to the fire-team which Lance and Rex joined, but dependents don't add defense dice. This made the fire team very durable. 

Charlie's ridiculous luck was also a factor. The random nature of this mission, with variable reinforcements, and the variable Fog of War cards, played in favor of Charlie's Nigerians. When we had a second run through, with me playing the NA against Pulp Citizen's militiamen, I was badly mauled. I had three KIA,  and six seriously injured, and failed to rescue the reporters!

Pulp Citizen expressed concern that the mission was too random. With variable reinforcements  and Fog of War, it was really down to chance. We went through the Fog of War deck and took out a lot of cards we both felt were game changing, and both felt better about that. We really need to play some of the other missions, perhaps one with more symmetrical forces.

Over all verdict- lots of fun. Faced paced and exciting. 

Monday 26 August 2013

High Value Individual #4: Senator Barabbas Ohio

Senator Barabbas Ohio is a senator from the USA who been working with the UN to attempt to restore peace to the Zugando and the Region. 
Senator Ohio is a highly educated and charismatic man, who has gained considerable popularity in Zugando over recent months. He is attempting to use this popularity to being both sides to the table to start the process of ironing out a peace accord, and bring the civil war to an end. Its not an easy task, and it has already proved more difficult and dangerous that he has imagined. A car bomb attack on his convoy last month should have made the senator more cautious, but he continues to take risks to push for peace in Zugando. 

Friday 23 August 2013

High Value Individual #3- Konstantin

I-COZ and Zugandan government intelligence services have identified another High Value Individual they would like to question. The man, believed to be a Russian national, is known only by the name Konstantin. 
Konstantin has been seen meeting with high level members of the Peoples Resistance Army and the Free Zugandan Peoples Party. It is not yet clear exactly what role Konstanin has to play in the PRA, but it is believed that he may be acting as an agent for a powerful Russian Oligarch, or perhaps even the Kremlin. I-COZ intelligence services have instructed all its assets to report all sightings of the elusive Konstantin, in the hopes they can build up a better picture of his movements. 

Here a man believed to be Konstantin is seen talking to Rev. Peter Mapaniwani of the Free Zugandan Peoples Party.

Konstantin is form Black Cat Bases. Rev. Mapaniwani is from Wargames Foundry. 

Tuesday 6 August 2013

High Value Individual #2: Thomas Kwabinko

Thomas Kwabinko is another High Value Individual, according to I-COZ Intelligence. 
As far as the world is concerned  Mr Kwabinko is a spokesperson for the Free Zugandan Peoples Party, a political party supporting the outlawed Peoples Resistance Army (PRA). However, MI5 and the CIA have complied a dossier of evidence that suggests that Mr Kwabinko is actually a high ranking official in the PRA.
Mr Kwabinko is security conscious to the point of being paranoid. He moves location regularly, and apparently at random, and has his rooms and vehicals swept for bugs twice a day.
I-COZ Intelligence Detachment would dearly love to get some more solid intel on Mr Kwabinko: preferably something that would connect him to the PRA, but as yet all their attempts have failed. 
Although Mr Kwabinko is always accompanied by a heavily armed troop of bodyguards  he ensures that it is  widely known that he always travel unarmed. He believes that, according to the I-COZ rules of engagement, he can not be arrested by the I-COZ forces as he is a none-combatant. 

All figures are by The Assault Group.

Sunday 4 August 2013

High Value Indivuual #1: Henry Gwapondi

Mr Henry Gwapondi has been classified as a High Value Individual (HVI) by the I-COZ Intelligence Detachment. 
Mr Gwapondi is a Zugandan businessman, born in the slums of Seatown, and educated at a local mission school, Mr Gwapondi is very much a self-made man: He has built up a huge business empire, specializing in Import and Export. 
It is said that Mr Gwapondi is not really to scrupulous about exactly what he imports and exports, and for whom. He is believed to have spend most of the war supplying foreign arms to who ever can afford them, including militia groups and teh outlawed Peoples Resistance Army. There is no question that some of the arms supplied by Mr Gwapondi's company have been used for genocide, and a international arrest warrant has been issued so he can answer charges of War Crimes.
Mr Gwapondi is also believed to be exporting massive amounts of so called 'blood diamonds'. Many of these illegal stones are alleged to have been exported to dealers in South Africa and Russia. 

Here Henry Gwapondi can bee seen enjoying a cigar with General Subuwanti, the notorious war criminal and high ranking officer in the PRA

Saturday 27 July 2013

Armed Militiamen

Weapons are common place in zugando, and there are countless militia groups and paramilitary, often organised on tribal grounds, and allied to the various factions. To the outsider this complex mess of tough armed groups seems impenetrable: even the zugandans don' t always understand the situation.
The People's Resistance Army have large numbers of militiamen in their ranks. Most are poorly armed, and poorly trained, and yet I-COZ forces have reported that the tend to remain in the field longer than might be expected for troops of that quality.

I have finished about 30 militiamen, and these two technicals. The figures are mostly by The Assault Group, with a few Britannia Miniatures thrown in. The technicals are by Britannia, and the Ford van is by Sloppy Jalopy.

Sunday 7 July 2013

African hut

The Victoria Town BiCyle Repair shop is one of many roadside shops catering for the needs of the local population- a common sight in the more built up parts of the country. 

This is a quick snap of a building I have just finished making. This one is a laser-cut building made from MDF by Warbases. It is from a range of generic buildings. They are very cheep indeed- this one cost £2.50. What you get for that is a basic shape, and a couple of windows and doors. All it did was assembled it, added a thin coat of ready mixed plaster filler, then painted it. The roof was made by cutting strips of corrugated card, available in the UK from hobbycraft. The hole thing took about 10 minutes to construct, and about 20 minutes to paint!

Given the simplicity, low cost and speed of this construction, I can see that I would be getting some more of  these buildings. They can easily represent the more built up areas of Zugando, as opposed to the shanty town scenery I have already built.  They have other possibility too: With a different paint job (and perhaps a thatched or tiled roof) they could be for North African and Afghanistan, or Tex/Mex cowboys, Caribbean pirates or as an out building on a European farm. There are loads of potential to use these kits for all sorts of settings. 

Friday 28 June 2013

US Special Forces In Zugando

 Since the US pulled out most of its ground forces supporting the I-COZ coalition, it has committed even more Special Forces to support the British Special Forces already operating in the country. The addition of this highly specialized manpower has allows the expansion of the campaign to eliminate the command and control structures withing the PRA. 
The dense jungle vegetation and poor infrastructure has made the role of the SF very difficult, but they are slowly beginning to make gains, having eliminated a number of high value targets in the resent weeks. 
  The US SF have established a number of hidden forward bases and are supplied by air by the USMC operating off the coast. The USMC also supply air cover, UMV and a small number of specialists to support the USSF.

These figures are a mixture of Eureka and Empress miniatures. They scale together well enough for me to use them in mixed units. 

Saturday 22 June 2013

Transport Zugandan Style

Just a few pictures of the sort of vehicals you might typically expect to see in any Zugandan Village. Some of these have been shown previously on Four Colour Super Minis, my other blog, but here they are gathered together.

These three are from the Disney Cars range. You might recognize Tow Mater? Disney Cars are nominally 1:55 scale, which is spot on for 28mm if you ask me. Some of the models have their sized exaggerated for comic effect, so it is best to see it in person before you buy them. These three scale very well with my 28 mm figures. 

This limo will be for a VIP, perhaps a UN envoy or a member of the government.  I have a few VIP's, along with some body guards, waiting to be painted in my lead mountain. At least they have now got a ride!

Sunday 16 June 2013

British Special Forces

British Special Forces have been operating 'behind the lines' in Zugando for many months. They are operating outside remits the mandate of the UN I-COZ force, which is a peace-keeping and monitoring force, but with the express permission of the Zugandan government.  Their objective is to find and eliminate the leadership of the Peoples Resistance Army, something they have had a degree of success with, most recently capturing a PRA officer at Fanno Casa, and destroying a weapons cache.

The lightly equipped SAS force is currently being commanded by Captain Price, a very experienced officer known for being tough, determined, and often maverick. He has a superb grasp of the ebb and flow of the battlefield and is well liked and trusted by the men under his command. 

These figures are from TAG. I painted them in Desert DPM camouflage, mostly because it looks cool and at the time most of the British soldiers I saw on the news, or on Google images, wore desert DPM. Since I painted them the new MTP camouflage, which is a greener version of the american Multicam, is more in evidence. It's also better suited to the terrain in Zugando. Rather than repaint the whole lot I plan to buy some more and paint them up in MTP. That way I can mix and match as an when I feel the need. I also want to add some support weapons, snipers etc. 

As always, comments are welcome. 

Wednesday 12 June 2013

The Press Corps

While three aren't any rules in Force on Force for the press corps, war corespondents and journalists on the battlefield, I have found that over time I have acquired a few over the last year or two, so I thought I would present them here, along with some home spun rules for you perusal. 

Basically, I would use these journalists with a Fog of War card. When the card is drawn a random fire team is chosen. The journalist focus on the exploits of that fire team, and are set up withing 6 inches of the fire team, by whoever drew the card. They are moved by the player who has the initiative, and can move anywhere so long as they remain within 6 inches of  the fire team if possible. They can be positioned in cover, or blocking line of sight etc. 
They will remain with their chosen fire team until the journalists take a casualty, or the fire team is wiped out: at this point the journalists run for cover. 
If any civilian,  hostage, or dependent etc is killed in Line of Sight of the journalist, or if anyone injures one of the journalists, then the player responsible looses 2VP at the end of the game, as it will be all over the world news by morning. 

Pulitzer prize wining photo-journalist Felix Champ has spent his life reporting from the worst places in the world. He is freelance, preferring to travel unencumbered by regulations as much as by equipment. His article exposing the decree of Russian involvement in the trade in blood diamonds has brought the light of the free press to shine on Zugnado, as well as to earn him a few enemies in the PRA and in Russia. 

Matti Scern is a loose cannon, a young buck out to prove himself in the war-torn landscape of Zugando. He takes unnecessary risks in his attempts to get the scoop, and the other journalists tend to avoid him in case they get caught up the trouble he leaves in his wake. 

Rex Sadler, war correspondent for the News 4 and his intrepid cameraman Lance Waverly generally report from the relative 'safety' of the capital city Victoria Town, but they have been know to travel into the lawless hinterlands in search of a story. 

Felix Champ is a great figure by Fenris Games. He is a lovely sculpt and was a pleasure to paint  he would be useful as a tourist too (not tat you get many tourists in Zugando!). Matti Scern is from Black Cat Bases. Not a great figure perhaps, but useful enough. 
Rex Sadler is a limited edition figure available through TAG, if you buy more that £39 worth of stuff. It's difficult to see in this picture but he is wearing a flack jacket under his suit. Lance Waverly, the camera man, is from EM4, and is a Mark Copplestone sculpt (one of my favorite sculptors). This is  the second Lance Waverly I have painted, as I did one for my superhero campaign. 

Comments are welcome, especially about my 'house rules'.

Saturday 8 June 2013

Angry Civilian Mobs

Pulp Citizen asked for a photo of the Zugandan civilians all 'mobbed' up, to see what the look like. I was trying out the camera on my new Ipad, on one of the rare sunny days we have here in the UK, and so I snapped off this shot.

As you can see the angry mob is on two movement bases. These are by Warbases, and they are called Zombie bases (but as you can see they work well for the living as well as the living-dead). they are laser cut for accuracy with 2p sized holes, which is convenient because I use 2p coins to base my Zugandan figures. The come in various sizes. I have five 'holes' per base, which is  roughly 2 inches by 3 inches: Exactly the right size for a 'civilian mob' in the Force on Force!

If you click on the image you should get a bigger picture. 

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Zugandan Civillians

In an civil war like the crisis in Zugnado the civilian population are as involved as any combatant  You don't have to carry a gun or a machete to get caught up in the conflict. 

In Force on Force civilians are usually dealt with as a mob, a group of models that can influence the game in unpredictable ways, They can be swayed by charismatic leaders, get in the way, block line of sight and movement or even turn hostile and become combatants. 

My civilians were mostly converted from Perry Miniatures plastic Madhist and Studio Miniatures plastic zombies. The conversions were rather basic and generally consisted of adding sleeves and hair. 

This model in not converted  This mother and child is from Black Cat Bases, and I had it in my to-do pile for a few years. I got it of my good mate Leon, who felt the model was too chunky for what he wanted. I was looking at it one day and thought "Hang on...that would make a great African woman." like I said: No conversion needed. 

These three are based on Studio Miniatures plastic zombies. They have heads, and arms from Perry Madhists (except for the middle one, whose arms are off the studio mini zombies with hands taken off the Madhist). This sort of 'kit-bashing' is much easier in plastics than it is in metal. 

The Studio Miniatures zombies bodies are not too ragged, and while their isn't a great deal of variation in pose they are great when mixed in with the Madhist, which are obviously more traditionally dressed. 

The figure on the left, Rev. Peter Mupanawani, is a Wargames Foundry figure from their WW2 Dads Army range. All I needed to do was Green Stuff some hair (the figure has straight hair, so I filed that off and added a more afro hairstyle). 

The other two are Madhists from Perry. The one with the flag had his kilt cut away and I sculpted shorts and trainers on, to make him modern. The other one is almost straight out of the pack Perry Miniatures  I just cut away the weapons and sculpted saddles on him. 

The lady is a figure from Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens. Unlike the Studio zombies, the Wargames Factory ones are a bit more chewed up. I chose this one because she was less damaged. Following advice from Lead Adventure Forum members I also lengthened her dress hemline to make her look more traditionally dressed. 

The man with the placard is an unconverted Madhist. I just swapped his spear for a placard. 

These two were Madhist. The flag burner had his kilt cut off and trousers sculpted. The flag and the flames are Green Stuff. I used Liquid GS to as hair. 

The other man had his T-shirt sculpted on, and more hair added. other that that, he is out of the box. 

There you go... comments welcome. 

Thursday 16 May 2013

The Zugandan People's Resistance Army

The Zugandan Peoples Resistance Army (The PRA) are a communist paramilitary force opposed to the legitimate government of The Democratic republic of Zugando. Their army mostly consist of irregular militias, but a small number (2-300) are made up of professorial soldiers and officers who have deserted from the goverment's army. From these recruits the PRA leaders have formed an 'elite' cadre of troops that can train and lead the militias and form the backbone on important operations. 

Gen. Subuwanti. PRA.
General Gregory Subuwanti is the highest ranking offers in the PRA. He used to be a Colonel in the Goverment's army, but after a failed coup he fled, with a small number of other officers, and linked up with the fledgling group of communist guerrillas who were to become the PRA. Undoubtedly his leadership and expertise have helped shape the PRA into the force it is today. 

Gen. Subuwanti is shown here sporting a gold plated SMG. this was reputed to have been a gift form the Libyan dictator Col. Gaddafi, who regarded Gen. Subuwanti as a anti-colonial freedom fighter. Gaddafi's death has been a blow for Gen. Subuwanti, and undermined some of his authority. 

Col. Umpanawana. PRA

Colonel Peter Umpanawana is a high ranking member of the People's Resistance Army. The PRA have been accused by the UN and human rights groups of committing acts of atrocity against the ethnic Matandi population and against supporters of the President, Edmund Mudanawanga. Colonel Umpanawana is wanted for various war crimes and acts of atrocity against civilians. He is currently being hunted by Special Forces, including SAS and Delta Force, as part of the I-COZ peace keeping mission.

Cpt. Bagwana. PRA
Captain John Bagwana is a regional commander in the PRA, and claims to have been an officer in the British Parachute Regiment. Journalist Rex Sadler managed to uncover a Zugandan names Johann Bagwana who served as a Private in the British Parachute Regiment but the Ministry of defense in London have so far refused to confirm it is the same individual. 

PRA soldiers

PRA soldiers

All figures are form The Assault Group, and are from their Ultra-modern range. The general is from their limited edition range, which you can get if you order more than £39 worth of stuff. 

Sunday 12 May 2013

The Zugando People's Resistance Army Militia

Here are my latest team of militia for my PRA force. I painted these for the Lead Painters League competition over on Lead Adventure Forum.  The figures are from The Assault Group.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

AAR: The Fanno Casa Raid

Followers of my other blog, Four Colour Super Minis, will have to forgive me, as this is a repost of an AAR from that blog from last year. For anyone who missed it, this is the Fanno Casa Raid. Enjoy. 

My son Charlie and I finally got round to playing our first game of Force on Force some 9 months after I started the project, building an African shanty town. We played the game out of the rules called ‘A Few Blocks of Hell’ but as it was set in my fictional West African country, Zugando, we substituted the US army for SAS and Delta forces, and changed the insurgents to rebel militia and Zugando Peoples Resistance Army.

Charlie took command of the coalition Special Forces, while I played the Zugandan rebels.
The main mission was for the SF to get into the target buildings (the watch tower and the ruined church) by the end of turn 4, and hold them until the end of turn 6).

SAS forces, under Captain Price, intercepted information that the PRA forces were massing for an offensive. The PRA has been stockpiling weapons and fuel in the village of Fanno Casa. Their intelligence suggests that the stockpile is in either the ruined church mission or in the guard station in the center of the village. A squad of PRA soldiers were protecting the site from thieves, but intelligence suggest that the village also has a sizable number of militiamen loyal to the PRA who will no doubt come out to fight too.

A combined force of 18 special forces men drawn from SAS and Delta Force were tasked to locate and destroy the supply dump to delay the PRA attack. They were supported by a SAS light mortar crew firing form the jungle. They would approach the village from the south, through the jungle under the cover of darkness, and attack just before dawn. 

PRA soldiers form the 'elite' part of the rebel army

Militiamen congregate in the market place of Fanno Casa

Spud is down!
Early in the battle the Delta Force took a casualty

Captain Price leads his men onto a roof top from where they provide
overwach and he directs deadly accurate mortar fire.  

An overview of the market place of Fanno Cassa. The church and
watchtower are on the left hands side in this photograph.

The local PRA commander directs the battle from the balcony of a  small hotel,
until he is shot and wounded by one of Captain Price's team.

Having fought their way through the market place of Fanno Casa, the Delta  Force fire team
stack up on the ruined church, ready to breach. 
Following a vicious street battle the Special Forces overwhelmed the PRA men, and captured the church and eventually the watch tower. The supply dumps were destroyed and the SF were extracted by helicopter  along with five prisoners, including a PRA officer. Unfortunately two of the Delta Force were KIA and three of the SF were seriously wounded, although by delaying the PRA offensive, their sacrifice saved countless lives.