Sunday 2 February 2014

CIA "Wet Team" Operative In Zugando

It's been a while since I posted, but mainly because I am waiting for my USMC to arrive from the Empress Miniatures Kick Starter. In the mean time I had this figure in my to-do pile an thought it was worth getting done. 

The CIA are active in Zugando, attempting to gather intel on the PRA and terrorist groups who might threaten the US and their allies. They also have an undisclosed number of 'Wet Teams' operating in the country. These specialist operators are nearly all ex-special forces, and can be called in when the CIA need to get their hands bloody. They work independently, but in support of, the US Special Forces, and their actions are highly classified and covert.

This figure is from Hasslefree, and is just exquisite. I knew I had to have one- unfortunately the HF figures are expensive, and so I can't afford to do many- my plan is to do a fire team of four. I painted it in a fairly generic colour scheme- no badges or identifying features. I chose a muted colour scheme inspired by Strike Back and Call of Duty. 

The rather cool atmospheric photograph was a total fluke, as I took it in my lounge in just the electric light as the sky was so grey it might as well have been night time.