Tuesday 24 September 2013

CIA Agent

 This is Megan, a CIA operative based in the Victoria Town office, in Zugando. She is the head of field operations for the CIA in the war-torn country. She is charged with finding, and apprehending the heads of the PRA, who are wanted from war crimes. She is a tough, no-nonsense character, who is fanatically patriotic an driven. She has already survived an attempt on her life by a gunman on a motorcycle, but nothing will dissuade her from tirelessly pursuing her mission. 

This figure is from Copplstone Castings. To be honest I had it hanging around and thought I would paint it, without much thought as to what I would use it for. I added a longer skirt with pro-create, as it was a bit too short. I based the red hair on Maya, from Zero Dark Thirty (well to be honest the whole charterer is based on her).

Friday 20 September 2013

Secret Service Agents

Four new figures for my Zugandan campaign- these are secret service agents guarding Senator Ohio, or perhaps they are Presidential bodyguards  They are dressed in light weight 'tropical' suits, and are lightly armed, as befitting a close personal protection team.
I plan to use these chaps in a scenario involving an attempt to kidnap Senator Ohio. They will be elite, with a Troop Class/Morale of D10/D10.

These Figures are from EM4. They are 'future skirmish' figures, but they look fine for ultra-modern. I am not really sure secret service agents use UZI SMG but then again I saw one using just that weapon in Olympus has Fallen, so may be they do?