Wednesday 20 May 2015

Militiamen with Bad-Ass Hyenas

  Worrying report have been circulating of PRA militiamen training hyenas as attack 'dogs' for some time, but last week intrepid photojournalist Felix Champ managed to photograph them. Quite how wide spread this practice is is difficult to say, but there have certainly been repost of PRA commanders keeping the viscous animals as pets. 
  The local CIA commander was unimpressed by the reports. He was quoted as saying "TIA. This is Africa. Things like that happens every day." 

  Don't think I have taken leave of my senses. Some gangs in Africa actually do like to keep Hyenas as 'pets' because it makes them look bad ass. If you Google images of pet hyenas you will found plenty of pictures. 

In Call of Duty the African gangs use hyenas as attack dogs, which kind of gave me the idea. The CoD mission 'Fatal Extraction' was really the inspiration for me to start Zugando anyway, so hyenas have been on my 'to-do' list for a long time. 

Call of Duty hyena

I have converted these figures. They were from the Northstar Africa range, and I added collars and muzzles from Green Stuff, and added chains from the local bead shop. The militia are from Spectre Miniatures. I painted six hyenas, but have now decided that is a bit excessive, so two have been re-based to use in a post-apocalypse setting like Across the Dead Earth. 

Sunday 17 May 2015

PRA Militiamen for Spectre Miniatures

Asymmetrical engagements are where it is at, and I am pretty sure you can't have enough militia. Hordes of gun-toting, dope-smoking bad guys tearing through the town on gunned up Toyota technicals! 
  Does it get any better? 
  Here are some more militiamen for my PRA forces. I have used the figures from Spectre Miniatures that I got when I backed their Kickstarter last year. They are nice figures, with some good detailing. Scale-wise they fit better with the Empress miniatures that with The Assault Group. 

The Headman

Some Flunkies

Thursday 7 May 2015

Special Forces Divers

US Navy Seals and British SBS have been operating in the coastal regions around the PRA stronghold of Seatown, probing the rebels defences, conducting aggressive recon, and targeting PRA outposts. Most of the raids have been conducted using helicopters or small boats from the US and RN warships attempting to blockade Seatown, but a handful have featured stealthful insertions by scuba divers. These feared amphibious warriors emerge from the sea, strike, then vanish as quickly as they arrived- leaving no trace.