Thursday 19 December 2013

Marine Recon Dawn Raid

Firstly, let me apologise for the odd lighting on these photos. Here in the UK the grey winter is well an truly upon us. I tried taking these outside, in the last bit of daylight I could find, but the sun was low in the sky and has washed out the colours, especially the flesh tones. At first I wasn't going to use these photos, but then I decided it looked quite atmospheric, like they have just emerged from the jungle at first light. If it helps, think of them as artfully lit diorama, and not just crappy photos!

Anyway- this is a USMC Recon patrol working in Zugando. These figures are from Eureka, and are just lovely. I got them to 'test paint' woodland pattern MARPAT, the camouflage pattern used by the USMC. I found it a lot easier to paint than MultiCam, which the Deltas use. This is a jolly good thing as I bought a platoon of USMC, including support weapons, from the Empress Miniatures Kick-start- hopefully I should be getting those soon.

The USMC represent the USA's main fighting force in Zugando. The US troop deployment was scaled back as the operation became a political hot potato in Washington, and most of the US peace keeping duties were handed over the the African Union troops, and the active combat duties were taken up by the British. The USMC remained in Zugando after the US withdrawal, but in much smaller numbers, to support US and UK Special Forces. They are based in Victoria Town, and also operate off the US navy carriers based off the coast of Zugando. USMC helicopters provide the Special Forces with air cover and resupply, and the specialist units, like these Recon support the SF in major engagements. 

USMC sniper team with .50cal Barrett Rifle

USMC Recon Fire Team on patrol

USMC Terminal Air Control Officer