Wednesday 29 April 2015

Fighting Season News

Last year at Salute I spoke to Richard from Two Fat Lardies and said that a ultra-modern rule set would be great. This year Two Fat Lardies have announced that they will be bring out a set of rules designed to be used to game ultra-modern conflicts, with particular emphasis on asymmetrical engagements. I am not going to claim any particular credit...but I guess Richard knows a good idea when he hears it.  

The game will be called Fighting Season, and at this stage looks like it will be a supplement for their WW2 game Chain of Command, which has been very well received by player who game that period. The plan is to produce a book with army list covering Afgan and Iraq, but I will certainly be modifying it for Zugando. Richard of Two Fat Lardies has been promoting it at Salute at the weekend

Here is a Link to the Lardies blog if you want to know more.