Thursday 7 May 2015

Special Forces Divers

US Navy Seals and British SBS have been operating in the coastal regions around the PRA stronghold of Seatown, probing the rebels defences, conducting aggressive recon, and targeting PRA outposts. Most of the raids have been conducted using helicopters or small boats from the US and RN warships attempting to blockade Seatown, but a handful have featured stealthful insertions by scuba divers. These feared amphibious warriors emerge from the sea, strike, then vanish as quickly as they arrived- leaving no trace. 


  1. They look great Rob! I didn't realise the did frogmen. Shall have to have a mooch around there ranges again.

    1. Glad you like them. Not hard to paint but a bugger to photograph. US Marines pack 8 (Marine 'Frogmen') I got mine as an extra in the Kick Starter.
      Lead Adventure Miniatures also do some German Special Forces Frogmen, and Crooked dice do some more 'retro' style.

  2. Very nice mate. :)

    A lot of forces now 'in country' in Zugando. Hopefully a rules set that fits your preferences is on the horizon. :)

  3. They might not be the most useful miniatures, but they look fantastic!