Friday, 28 June 2013

US Special Forces In Zugando

 Since the US pulled out most of its ground forces supporting the I-COZ coalition, it has committed even more Special Forces to support the British Special Forces already operating in the country. The addition of this highly specialized manpower has allows the expansion of the campaign to eliminate the command and control structures withing the PRA. 
The dense jungle vegetation and poor infrastructure has made the role of the SF very difficult, but they are slowly beginning to make gains, having eliminated a number of high value targets in the resent weeks. 
  The US SF have established a number of hidden forward bases and are supplied by air by the USMC operating off the coast. The USMC also supply air cover, UMV and a small number of specialists to support the USSF.

These figures are a mixture of Eureka and Empress miniatures. They scale together well enough for me to use them in mixed units. 


  1. More great stuff. Getting fed up of camo yet...?

  2. Oh yeah! These guys look great!

    I've been doing a lot of modern stuff over the last six months or so and have also tired of all the camo. So I'm taking a break from it and working on some Great War Stuff. Mostly khaki. some occasional fledgrau, blue or red... It's a nice break. I've even been thinking about painting a few units of Zulu War British - just for some nice bright colours!

  3. I paint my Kiss Kiss bang Bang stuff very bright colours as a break from drag cammo colours. They turn out more Austin Powers than James Bond, but i like them that way.
    Thanks for the possitive feedback by the way.