Saturday, 8 June 2013

Angry Civilian Mobs

Pulp Citizen asked for a photo of the Zugandan civilians all 'mobbed' up, to see what the look like. I was trying out the camera on my new Ipad, on one of the rare sunny days we have here in the UK, and so I snapped off this shot.

As you can see the angry mob is on two movement bases. These are by Warbases, and they are called Zombie bases (but as you can see they work well for the living as well as the living-dead). they are laser cut for accuracy with 2p sized holes, which is convenient because I use 2p coins to base my Zugandan figures. The come in various sizes. I have five 'holes' per base, which is  roughly 2 inches by 3 inches: Exactly the right size for a 'civilian mob' in the Force on Force!

If you click on the image you should get a bigger picture. 


  1. Ace! Those multi-bases should prove useful; it is almost as if this stuff is planned out! :P

  2. Those look great, Rob! I should look into getting (or making) some mob bases for my civvies (angry or otherwise!).

  3. The good thing about the Warbases stands is that you can take your figures in and out, which means you can use them in different ways. It also make storage a lot easier as they fit into my standard figure boxes (I use KR multicases)