Tuesday, 27 January 2015

CIA Wet Team Operative

Sometimes the CIA Agents operating in Zugando need to do more than just pass Intel onto the UN and Special Forces: Sometimes it in necessary for them to get their hands dirty, and to eliminate a threat without drawing attention to tehir actions. That is when they call in the shadowy 'Wet Teams'. Wet work has been a euphemism used by the Agency to describe assassinations and murder since the days of the cold war. The Wet Teams are recruited from the agency, PMC operatives and former special forces. They operate under a cloak of secrecy: their identities, and their actions, are highly classified. 

They are the ultimate deniable asset. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Weapons Dump by Spectre Miniatures

These markers were a little bonus for those of us who backed the Spectre Miniatures Kick Starter in 2014. Personally I think it was a little thing the Spectre Miniatures guys quickly cobbled together when they realised that they had far more success that they had originally planned for, but I like them and so I am not complaining. 
As far as I know they were exclusive to the KS deal, but it wouldn't be too hard to recreate- just a tarpaulin made from Green Stuff, with a load of weapons and packs pushed into it. I think I might give it a go myself, as I have enough bits and bobs from the Warlord Games WW2 plastic sprue and the Wargames Factory's plastic zombie survivors. 
In game terms they can represent ammo dumps, spawning points or objectives, which should come in handy. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

More Firepower for the People's Resistance Army

The PRA continue to solidify it's control over the inland areas of Zugando. Here you can see their latest additions to their arsenal.  

.30 calibre Browning HMG on tripod mount (Note these were from The Assult Group's Vietnam range, with a bit of Green Stuff to change their hair to 'African' hair.)

More PRA 'regulars' from TAG.

A Soviet-era Russian-made DShK HMG on anti-aircraft mount. Useful to prevent helicopters attacking your positions. This one is manned by a couple of militia men (Made by Eureka).

Saturday, 3 January 2015

High Value Individual #5: Thomas The Butcher

Thomas Mukaka (AKA Thomas the Butcher, AKA Bloody Tom) is a local leader of the PRA Militias. Unlike many PRA leaders, Mukaka has no military experiences, but instead has risen from the ranks of the militia. He has achieved his success by a combination of brutally and ruthless cunning. His men fear him more than they admire him. His drug fuelled paranoia and callous disregard for human life has led to him murdering a number of his own lieutenants.

Mukaka has come to the attention of the I-COZ intelligence services when he executed two western aid workers. He killed them because he feared the SAS would try to rescue them, although in truth the SAS were busy in another part of Zugando, and has no plans to attack Mukaka. After the murder of the aid workers the UN diplomats who had been trying to secure the hostages release decided it could no longer negotiate with Mukaka and, ironically perhaps, the SAS have been tasked with removing Mukaka.