Saturday, 22 June 2013

Transport Zugandan Style

Just a few pictures of the sort of vehicals you might typically expect to see in any Zugandan Village. Some of these have been shown previously on Four Colour Super Minis, my other blog, but here they are gathered together.

These three are from the Disney Cars range. You might recognize Tow Mater? Disney Cars are nominally 1:55 scale, which is spot on for 28mm if you ask me. Some of the models have their sized exaggerated for comic effect, so it is best to see it in person before you buy them. These three scale very well with my 28 mm figures. 

This limo will be for a VIP, perhaps a UN envoy or a member of the government.  I have a few VIP's, along with some body guards, waiting to be painted in my lead mountain. At least they have now got a ride!

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  1. Brilliant work; the weathering and rust on the clapped out truck and car are really well do/ Great stuff mate. :)