Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Press Corps

While three aren't any rules in Force on Force for the press corps, war corespondents and journalists on the battlefield, I have found that over time I have acquired a few over the last year or two, so I thought I would present them here, along with some home spun rules for you perusal. 

Basically, I would use these journalists with a Fog of War card. When the card is drawn a random fire team is chosen. The journalist focus on the exploits of that fire team, and are set up withing 6 inches of the fire team, by whoever drew the card. They are moved by the player who has the initiative, and can move anywhere so long as they remain within 6 inches of  the fire team if possible. They can be positioned in cover, or blocking line of sight etc. 
They will remain with their chosen fire team until the journalists take a casualty, or the fire team is wiped out: at this point the journalists run for cover. 
If any civilian,  hostage, or dependent etc is killed in Line of Sight of the journalist, or if anyone injures one of the journalists, then the player responsible looses 2VP at the end of the game, as it will be all over the world news by morning. 

Pulitzer prize wining photo-journalist Felix Champ has spent his life reporting from the worst places in the world. He is freelance, preferring to travel unencumbered by regulations as much as by equipment. His article exposing the decree of Russian involvement in the trade in blood diamonds has brought the light of the free press to shine on Zugnado, as well as to earn him a few enemies in the PRA and in Russia. 

Matti Scern is a loose cannon, a young buck out to prove himself in the war-torn landscape of Zugando. He takes unnecessary risks in his attempts to get the scoop, and the other journalists tend to avoid him in case they get caught up the trouble he leaves in his wake. 

Rex Sadler, war correspondent for the News 4 and his intrepid cameraman Lance Waverly generally report from the relative 'safety' of the capital city Victoria Town, but they have been know to travel into the lawless hinterlands in search of a story. 

Felix Champ is a great figure by Fenris Games. He is a lovely sculpt and was a pleasure to paint  he would be useful as a tourist too (not tat you get many tourists in Zugando!). Matti Scern is from Black Cat Bases. Not a great figure perhaps, but useful enough. 
Rex Sadler is a limited edition figure available through TAG, if you buy more that £39 worth of stuff. It's difficult to see in this picture but he is wearing a flack jacket under his suit. Lance Waverly, the camera man, is from EM4, and is a Mark Copplestone sculpt (one of my favorite sculptors). This is  the second Lance Waverly I have painted, as I did one for my superhero campaign. 

Comments are welcome, especially about my 'house rules'.

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