Sunday, 7 July 2013

African hut

The Victoria Town BiCyle Repair shop is one of many roadside shops catering for the needs of the local population- a common sight in the more built up parts of the country. 

This is a quick snap of a building I have just finished making. This one is a laser-cut building made from MDF by Warbases. It is from a range of generic buildings. They are very cheep indeed- this one cost £2.50. What you get for that is a basic shape, and a couple of windows and doors. All it did was assembled it, added a thin coat of ready mixed plaster filler, then painted it. The roof was made by cutting strips of corrugated card, available in the UK from hobbycraft. The hole thing took about 10 minutes to construct, and about 20 minutes to paint!

Given the simplicity, low cost and speed of this construction, I can see that I would be getting some more of  these buildings. They can easily represent the more built up areas of Zugando, as opposed to the shanty town scenery I have already built.  They have other possibility too: With a different paint job (and perhaps a thatched or tiled roof) they could be for North African and Afghanistan, or Tex/Mex cowboys, Caribbean pirates or as an out building on a European farm. There are loads of potential to use these kits for all sorts of settings. 


  1. Amazing look for that price! Thought this had been much more expensive when I read "lasercut [...] generic buildings".

    Very nice!

  2. Fantastic building - very impressive results, especially given the speedy construction & painting time!

    Nice photo too - the lighting is perfect.