Sunday, 16 June 2013

British Special Forces

British Special Forces have been operating 'behind the lines' in Zugando for many months. They are operating outside remits the mandate of the UN I-COZ force, which is a peace-keeping and monitoring force, but with the express permission of the Zugandan government.  Their objective is to find and eliminate the leadership of the Peoples Resistance Army, something they have had a degree of success with, most recently capturing a PRA officer at Fanno Casa, and destroying a weapons cache.

The lightly equipped SAS force is currently being commanded by Captain Price, a very experienced officer known for being tough, determined, and often maverick. He has a superb grasp of the ebb and flow of the battlefield and is well liked and trusted by the men under his command. 

These figures are from TAG. I painted them in Desert DPM camouflage, mostly because it looks cool and at the time most of the British soldiers I saw on the news, or on Google images, wore desert DPM. Since I painted them the new MTP camouflage, which is a greener version of the american Multicam, is more in evidence. It's also better suited to the terrain in Zugando. Rather than repaint the whole lot I plan to buy some more and paint them up in MTP. That way I can mix and match as an when I feel the need. I also want to add some support weapons, snipers etc. 

As always, comments are welcome. 


  1. Looking good! And I agree completely, never repaint minis when you can just get more.

  2. I really like the painting. The minis are a bit chunky for my tastes (except for Price - presumably - in the black t-shirt, which is a really nice sculpt), but you have done a great job with them. Very nice work as always, and I think the painting improves upon the quality of the minis. :)