Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Zugandan Civillians

In an civil war like the crisis in Zugnado the civilian population are as involved as any combatant  You don't have to carry a gun or a machete to get caught up in the conflict. 

In Force on Force civilians are usually dealt with as a mob, a group of models that can influence the game in unpredictable ways, They can be swayed by charismatic leaders, get in the way, block line of sight and movement or even turn hostile and become combatants. 

My civilians were mostly converted from Perry Miniatures plastic Madhist and Studio Miniatures plastic zombies. The conversions were rather basic and generally consisted of adding sleeves and hair. 

This model in not converted  This mother and child is from Black Cat Bases, and I had it in my to-do pile for a few years. I got it of my good mate Leon, who felt the model was too chunky for what he wanted. I was looking at it one day and thought "Hang on...that would make a great African woman." like I said: No conversion needed. 

These three are based on Studio Miniatures plastic zombies. They have heads, and arms from Perry Madhists (except for the middle one, whose arms are off the studio mini zombies with hands taken off the Madhist). This sort of 'kit-bashing' is much easier in plastics than it is in metal. 

The Studio Miniatures zombies bodies are not too ragged, and while their isn't a great deal of variation in pose they are great when mixed in with the Madhist, which are obviously more traditionally dressed. 

The figure on the left, Rev. Peter Mupanawani, is a Wargames Foundry figure from their WW2 Dads Army range. All I needed to do was Green Stuff some hair (the figure has straight hair, so I filed that off and added a more afro hairstyle). 

The other two are Madhists from Perry. The one with the flag had his kilt cut away and I sculpted shorts and trainers on, to make him modern. The other one is almost straight out of the pack Perry Miniatures  I just cut away the weapons and sculpted saddles on him. 

The lady is a figure from Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens. Unlike the Studio zombies, the Wargames Factory ones are a bit more chewed up. I chose this one because she was less damaged. Following advice from Lead Adventure Forum members I also lengthened her dress hemline to make her look more traditionally dressed. 

The man with the placard is an unconverted Madhist. I just swapped his spear for a placard. 

These two were Madhist. The flag burner had his kilt cut off and trousers sculpted. The flag and the flames are Green Stuff. I used Liquid GS to as hair. 

The other man had his T-shirt sculpted on, and more hair added. other that that, he is out of the box. 

There you go... comments welcome. 


  1. Very nice; it would be cool to see them 'mobbed up' so to speak. :)

  2. Another good way to make flags etc is
    A piece of paper (A4 printer paper is best) cut to size, then with some cheap thin superglue from the pound shop saturate the paper (not too much) spreading the glue over the paper with a cocktail stick then let it dry
    You basically end up with a type of plasti-card that is easy to shape and cut (rips etc)
    Also very useful for making templates when using green stuff for making cloaks/ long coats etc when converting minis just cover with a tiny smear of vegi oil or vasaline so the green stuff doesnt stick
    Love this project btw