Sunday, 17 November 2013

More Buildings for Zugado

Firstly let me begin by apologising for the absence of any resent posts. Readers of my other blog (Four Colour Super Minis) will realise that I spent October furiously painting zombies and survivors for 'Zomtober'. Having painted, with my son, some 41 figures, I just wanted a change of pace. To that end I decided that I would dedicate November to getting some half finished terrain and building projects realised. I am a bit of a bugger for starting buildings and alike, but never getting round to finishing, and so my loft is usually crammed with half-completed projects that just need a bit of time and TLC. 
This is a strange thing, because when I get round to painting them, I am always surprised to find out how much I like painting scenery- What is all that about?

To that end, I have added some more shops to my Zugandan village, again using Warbases exceptionally inexpensive Modular Buildings. There were very quick and easy to do- the two story one cost £3.50 and the smaller one £2. I had them finished from beginning to end in an evening. 

You can see an article on how I made these by clicking on the new Work in Progress tab at the top of the page, or clicking HERE

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