Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mission School

I have added another building to my growing list of Zugandan real estate. This is the mission school, built by missionaries to provide an education to the poorer communities of Zugando. 

I built it using the same technique as the Zugandan shops- using the modular building from Warbases (the same one as I used for the bike shop). This one had a bit more work in it, as you can see. I took the MDF roof and used that as the base for the class room, then cut a new roof out of card and applied the corrugated card on top. The roof for the class room is fixed in place to make it stronger, but the main buildings roof can come off to put figures inside. The posters were just printed off the computer and stuck to the wall with prit-stick (I am not that good at painting!) 

Because there was a bit more work in this one it took a bit longer- but it was still finished beginning to and in a couple of hours- and cost less that £4!


  1. Bargain price and looks excellent. :)

  2. Looks great, especially the tiles. The poster is a nice finishing touch.