Friday, 29 November 2013

Some Scenery

I have continued to plod on with getting the half finished scenery projects completed- with the addition of theses resin pieces. The first is a wrecked car from Ainsty, It's a single piece resin casting- nice and crisp with no air bubbles or mould lines. It should be good for a number of different scenarios (like the contractor's care in 'Contracting Troubles' and as a general bit of scatter scenery in the slums of Zugando. (It will probably see some service in zombie games too).

The next one is a photo I have already posted on my other blog (Four Colour Super Minis) of some scenery I painted for my WW2 Burma Campaign, but I think it is worth including here as it will be just as useful for Zugando.
I hope you wont mind the repost, but I am not sure if you regularly read the other blog. I am also hoping you will overlook the WW2 figures in the photo- they are there just for scale really. 
I haven't a clue who made these pieces- or even if they were made by the same manufactures. I soaped them with someone of Lead adventure Forum. 

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  1. Nice work on the car mate; one suggestion for the windows would be to start lighter at the bottom, to much darker at the top (bit like painting gems in fact), with a dab of white of near white near the inner aspect of one of the top corner areas.