Sunday, 4 May 2014

28mm Scale Comparison Shot for Modern Wargaming

I hope this might be helpful- here are some caparison photos of some of the figures in my collection.
Scale is a weird thing, as many different manufacturers have different ideas f what a 28mm figure should look like- as you can see these minis are all roughly the same size, but the difference in sculpting style, bulk and weapons size makes the world of difference- at the end of the day it's just down to preference. 

(R to L) Eureka, converted form Studio Miniatures plastic zombie, Black Cat Bases, Spectre Miniatures, Britannia Miniatures. 

Copplestone Castings, Warm Acre, EM4 Miniatures, The Assault Group, BritainiaMiniatures, Fenris Miniatures

Fenris, Spectre, Coppleston Castings, EM4, Warm Acre, Hasslefree

Empress, Hasslefree, Spectre, Eureka, The Assault Group,
I hope you fight this helpful.


  1. Very useful thanks for posting these up Rob :D

  2. Useful resource, but the sculpting on the TAG mini is shown up alongside the Empress, HF, Spectre and Eureka: leagues of difference quality of sculpting IMHO. :)

  3. Nomination

  4. Just found this - one of the most helpful size comparisons of recent modern minis I've come across. Thank you!

  5. Late to the party... but the comparisons of size of various 28mm figures is *so* useful !! I was Googling for a size comparison, and you blog came up first... GREAT! Now I know I can order some Spectre Miniatures and they'll fit in with my existing figures. Cheers!

  6. Great stuff, very useful! Can you tell me where to find the Empress figure, I cant find him on the website? Cheers!