Thursday, 1 May 2014

Spectre Miniatures Goes Live!

Just a quick heads up, the Spectre Miniatures Kick Starter went live today, and I am already a backer- I have pledged at Contractor level, but will be looking to increase this if more cash becomes available.

The prices are good, averaging about £2 per model, and that includes postage. The KS is set up so that you can order the number of packs you want, and not that you are tied in to buying any particular bundles, so if you only want say Special  Forces, PMC or CIA, then you can buy exactly what you want. This is sensible because their will be many collectors who don't need the African troops (obviously I do) then they can tailor the KS to their own needs.

There are a few stretch goals that look rather interesting too, and a KS exclusive mini called 'deniable asset' and anyone who pledge get a PDF version of the rules too- so that's handy. 

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  1. Those are really nice, some great ideas there that haven't been done yet, too. I'm setting my games in a western world, so there's not many miniatures that I'd need but damn...those witch doctors...