Friday, 11 July 2014

USMC Squad on Patrol

The US have withdrawn a large number of their personal from Zugando, but the USMC and some special forces maintain a presence. The USMC are tasked with protecting the US embassy and certain key instillations (Most conspicuously the airport in Victoria Town) and in support of the Navy Seals and USSF who are actively engaging the PRA, 

I apologise for leaving it so long without a post, but I have been furiously paint Napoleonic eras figures for the last few months. Luckily I found time to paint some of these guys that have been sat on my painting table for several months. These are the Empress Miniatures USMC from their resent Kick Starter. I went a bit overboard and bought enough to field a full platoon (that 12 fire teams, HQ and support). Luckily I have a fairly quick and painless way of painting these guys so I can easily knock out a fire team in a few hours.

The two pictures at the bottom are Eureka Miniatures USMC Recon. They are, in my opinion, slightly better sculpts, because they look more dynamic, but I am very satisfied with the empress ones, and the two ranges are very compatible with each other.