Sunday, 4 August 2013

High Value Indivuual #1: Henry Gwapondi

Mr Henry Gwapondi has been classified as a High Value Individual (HVI) by the I-COZ Intelligence Detachment. 
Mr Gwapondi is a Zugandan businessman, born in the slums of Seatown, and educated at a local mission school, Mr Gwapondi is very much a self-made man: He has built up a huge business empire, specializing in Import and Export. 
It is said that Mr Gwapondi is not really to scrupulous about exactly what he imports and exports, and for whom. He is believed to have spend most of the war supplying foreign arms to who ever can afford them, including militia groups and teh outlawed Peoples Resistance Army. There is no question that some of the arms supplied by Mr Gwapondi's company have been used for genocide, and a international arrest warrant has been issued so he can answer charges of War Crimes.
Mr Gwapondi is also believed to be exporting massive amounts of so called 'blood diamonds'. Many of these illegal stones are alleged to have been exported to dealers in South Africa and Russia. 

Here Henry Gwapondi can bee seen enjoying a cigar with General Subuwanti, the notorious war criminal and high ranking officer in the PRA


  1. Very nice work Rob.

    I am sure I have heard the name before; oh yes - I bet he has also sent us all emails promising millions of dollars if we help him using our bank accounts! :)

  2. I suggest teams get dispatched to capture him. Say...4 chalks of Rangers and a Delta group to storm his building by a helicopter assault? I can't see how this could go wrong!