Saturday, 27 July 2013

Armed Militiamen

Weapons are common place in zugando, and there are countless militia groups and paramilitary, often organised on tribal grounds, and allied to the various factions. To the outsider this complex mess of tough armed groups seems impenetrable: even the zugandans don' t always understand the situation.
The People's Resistance Army have large numbers of militiamen in their ranks. Most are poorly armed, and poorly trained, and yet I-COZ forces have reported that the tend to remain in the field longer than might be expected for troops of that quality.

I have finished about 30 militiamen, and these two technicals. The figures are mostly by The Assault Group, with a few Britannia Miniatures thrown in. The technicals are by Britannia, and the Ford van is by Sloppy Jalopy.


  1. Excellent work mate. How many figures have you now painted for FoF?

  2. Hello,
    I don't know if I've actually left the comment on this blog yet, but I love it! I have similar thing planned, with nothing heavier than humvees and technicals (from ground vehicles) on the table. Have you thought about scenarios already?

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I love getting comments: It helps motivate me.

    In answere to pulp citizens question. 15 civies, 34 militia, 11 Nigerians, 9 SAS, 15 US Spec ops, 11 PRA, plus 15 vehicles.
    That's a total of 105 miniatures, and then the vehicles. My next plans are to build up my Nigerian army and PRA infantry and support weapons, while adding some CIA/private military companies.

    Mathyoo, thanks for the comments, and welcome. I am glad you like my blog. I love painting the militias because they are so colourful. I am not keen on painting uniforms, and especially muliticam.

    As far as the scenarios go, we haven't played enough games to know the rules well enough to write my own scenarios yet, but Pulp Citizen and I will be getting together in August to have a game, and we are going to play one on the scenerios out of the rule book: Contracting Trouble looks the best bet. I will just swap the Nigerians for the USMC and my militia for the insurgent force, the play the game right out of the book. I also have the Cold War Gone Hot book and there are a number of scenerios I can easily adapt too.