Tuesday, 6 August 2013

High Value Individual #2: Thomas Kwabinko

Thomas Kwabinko is another High Value Individual, according to I-COZ Intelligence. 
As far as the world is concerned  Mr Kwabinko is a spokesperson for the Free Zugandan Peoples Party, a political party supporting the outlawed Peoples Resistance Army (PRA). However, MI5 and the CIA have complied a dossier of evidence that suggests that Mr Kwabinko is actually a high ranking official in the PRA.
Mr Kwabinko is security conscious to the point of being paranoid. He moves location regularly, and apparently at random, and has his rooms and vehicals swept for bugs twice a day.
I-COZ Intelligence Detachment would dearly love to get some more solid intel on Mr Kwabinko: preferably something that would connect him to the PRA, but as yet all their attempts have failed. 
Although Mr Kwabinko is always accompanied by a heavily armed troop of bodyguards  he ensures that it is  widely known that he always travel unarmed. He believes that, according to the I-COZ rules of engagement, he can not be arrested by the I-COZ forces as he is a none-combatant. 

All figures are by The Assault Group.


  1. More excellent work Rob. Cool stuff. :)

  2. Can't wait to see some of these boys taken down.