Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Zugandan People's Resistance Army

The Zugandan Peoples Resistance Army (The PRA) are a communist paramilitary force opposed to the legitimate government of The Democratic republic of Zugando. Their army mostly consist of irregular militias, but a small number (2-300) are made up of professorial soldiers and officers who have deserted from the goverment's army. From these recruits the PRA leaders have formed an 'elite' cadre of troops that can train and lead the militias and form the backbone on important operations. 

Gen. Subuwanti. PRA.
General Gregory Subuwanti is the highest ranking offers in the PRA. He used to be a Colonel in the Goverment's army, but after a failed coup he fled, with a small number of other officers, and linked up with the fledgling group of communist guerrillas who were to become the PRA. Undoubtedly his leadership and expertise have helped shape the PRA into the force it is today. 

Gen. Subuwanti is shown here sporting a gold plated SMG. this was reputed to have been a gift form the Libyan dictator Col. Gaddafi, who regarded Gen. Subuwanti as a anti-colonial freedom fighter. Gaddafi's death has been a blow for Gen. Subuwanti, and undermined some of his authority. 

Col. Umpanawana. PRA

Colonel Peter Umpanawana is a high ranking member of the People's Resistance Army. The PRA have been accused by the UN and human rights groups of committing acts of atrocity against the ethnic Matandi population and against supporters of the President, Edmund Mudanawanga. Colonel Umpanawana is wanted for various war crimes and acts of atrocity against civilians. He is currently being hunted by Special Forces, including SAS and Delta Force, as part of the I-COZ peace keeping mission.

Cpt. Bagwana. PRA
Captain John Bagwana is a regional commander in the PRA, and claims to have been an officer in the British Parachute Regiment. Journalist Rex Sadler managed to uncover a Zugandan names Johann Bagwana who served as a Private in the British Parachute Regiment but the Ministry of defense in London have so far refused to confirm it is the same individual. 

PRA soldiers

PRA soldiers

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