Tuesday, 27 January 2015

CIA Wet Team Operative

Sometimes the CIA Agents operating in Zugando need to do more than just pass Intel onto the UN and Special Forces: Sometimes it in necessary for them to get their hands dirty, and to eliminate a threat without drawing attention to tehir actions. That is when they call in the shadowy 'Wet Teams'. Wet work has been a euphemism used by the Agency to describe assassinations and murder since the days of the cold war. The Wet Teams are recruited from the agency, PMC operatives and former special forces. They operate under a cloak of secrecy: their identities, and their actions, are highly classified. 

They are the ultimate deniable asset. 


  1. Very nice! Looking forward to the AA12 toting guy's paint job

  2. Very nice! Like the subtle colours you picked. Looks spot on (based on the rare photos of these guys one can find)!

  3. Very nice painting. Missed this in my blog feeds until today. :)