Monday, 24 November 2014

Heavy Armour for PRA

The jungles of Zugando are vast and can conceal much from the watchful eyes of the US drones and spy satellites. The I-COZ intelligence analysts know that the PRA have a number of battle tanks captured or else defected from the Zugandan Army. As yet they have not been able to destroy any of these armoured vehicals and the Special Forces operating in the area have been given the task of finding the tanks and then marking them for destruction by the USAF and RAF. 

The T34/85 may seem like a hopelessly out of date tank when compared to a modern MBT. It dates back to the 1940's and is a relic of the cold war, but in Zugando, where modern MBT's are something of a rarity, and most forces lack any weapons more powerful than an RPG-7, the T34 is still a force not to be taken lightly. 

This T34-85 is a Bolt Action figure from Warlord Games. It is a very neat plastic kit that was very easy to put together and nice to paint. 

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