Thursday, 17 April 2014

CIA Operator In Seatown, Northern Zugando

Chuck 'Mustang' McLean is a CIA intelligence operator in Zugando. He travels under the pretence of being a freelance photo journalist: something the other photo-journalist resent because they believe- quite rightly- that it puts them in danger. His job is to handle a number of local intelligence assets in Northern Zugando, and in particular in the PRA held city of Seatown. It's dangerous work, and Mustang never travels unarmed. 

This model is 
from the new company Spectre yet unreleased. I managed to pick it up at Salute 2014, just last week, off the guys form Spectre, who were promoting their new modern African wargaming Kick Starter (due to start 1st May). I just did a quick 30 minute paint job on it to get it ready to photograph, because I am busy with the Lead Painters League. 
It is a lovely model- well sculpted, realistically proportioned and without any tag or casting lines on any sort: I literally painted it as it was- no prep at all! 
If this is the standard of Spectre's work- we are in for a treat!


  1. Chuck don't give a (expletive)! The figure paints up pretty nicely. Looking forward to the kick starter.

  2. Excellent work. And an incredibly quick turnaround! Very impressive on both fronts. :)

  3. Only just spotted you have this blog. Nice job mate. What SMG is he carrying?